Automotive Lockouts – Not Easy

Automotive Lockouts

There was a time, in the not so far distant past, that cars were not very difficult to open when the keys were locked inside. That is no longer true, with the increased emphasis on security, manufacturers have made cars increasingly difficult to open. Many more lockout tools and new techniques are required.

When cars were not hard to get into it was common for local police or fire departments to make lockout services available. With the higher degree of expertise needed to unlock today’s automobiles, and the increased chance of doing damage to in the door electronics or air bag systems, many municipalities are no longer willing to assume the liability of unlocking your car.

Each year when the new cars hit the market, lockout tool manufacturers will study any new locking systems that have been introduced, decide how best to unlock them, and then will make and sell new tools that are designed to unlock those systems without doing any damage. Professional locksmiths will attend industry classes and learn to use these tools correctly.

At Kent Reeve Locksmithing, we study and take classes when offered to be sure we are up to speed on any new locking systems, we buy the new tools and learn to use them correctly. If you want your car unlocked, without damage, call us or another professional locksmith.

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