Top 5 Automotive Security Tips

  1. Be aware of the possibility of carjacking, and be familiar with how to protect yourself.
  2. Keep valuable items in your car out of sight these would include mobile phones, laptop computers, cameras, jewelry, sun glasses, etc. Many car break-ins have started with an item in plain view.
  3. If you use a parking lot or garage, choose one with a well lite entry and an attendant, if you park your car yourself choose a space that you would not have to back out of, be sure to lock your car. When picking up your vehicle scan the parking lot left and right as you walk to your vehicle and have your key in your hand to unlock your car door quickly. Most remotes have a panic buttons that when pressed sound an alarm on your vehicle.  Press that button if you feel threatened. If you have to park on the street, choose a well lite area, park leaving enough space in front of your car so you can leave without backing out, and if possible be under the gaze of a well placed video camera.
  4. Many vehicles as well as mobile phones have a GPS system, they all have a “Take me home” feature designed to guide you out of an unfamiliar area. Do not program your home address there, rather program a nearby major intersection. You would know how to get home from there, but the thief who broke into your car and stole the GPS, your phone as well as your garage door opener, would not.
  5. If your gar has a proximity fob that unlocks your car and allows you start it. It usually has an off switch, be sure to turn it off when leaving your car. Some thief’s have electronic gadgets than can hack into your fob without your knowledge. Thus giving them access as well as letting them drive away.

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