Key Origination and Duplication

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Key Origination and Duplication

We offer key origination and duplication at our Shop By Appointment Only Call 216-556-4064, or we will come to you with our fully equipped mobile service vehicle,

What does key origination mean?

Many keys have code numbers that will allow the locksmith to make an key to factory specifications. The value is that the key will operate the lock as intended. And if you have lost you key all we need to do is look up the code number to make an original The code could be on a paper that came with the keys, stamped on the lock, or in the case of a vehicle it may be recorded with the dealer, you may able to retrieve it by proving you ate the owner and supplying the VIN number which is usually on the vehicle. The value of you supplying the code number is less time and cost to provide a key.

Key Duplication is the duplicating the key that you have. Some require very sophisticated and expensive machinery.

We can originate or duplicate most of the following types of keys:

  •  Automotive keys
  • Building keys
  • File cabinet keys
  • Desk keys
  • Safe keys
  • Safe deposit lock keys

  • Ace tubular keys
  • Atv keys
  • Trailer keys
  • Aircraft keys
  • Boat keys
  • Motorcycle keys


  • Padlock keys
  • Prox. keys
  • Mail box keys
  • Office furniture keys

Most high security key systems are contracted and licensed to particular locksmith shops. They can only service or duplicate keys to whatever systems they are licensed for. Kent Reeve Locksmithing is licensed for ASSA High Security, Schlage Primus High Security, and Schlage Everest High Security. If you need another system serviced we may be able to find out who can service your system.



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