Top 5 Personal Security Tips

  1. Keep your car key fob reachable from your bed; your night table is a good storage location. Car fobs contain panic buttons, and can double as a great alarm in case of emergency. Pressing the panic button will cause your vehicle to repetitively blast its horn and flash its headlights – if your car is in the driveway this can draw attention to your location and (hopefully) scare would-be-criminals away.
  2. If you carry a physical car key, keep it in your hand when walking alone, especially in parking lots.Having your key available reduces the amount of time between when you approach your car and when you drive away – thereby reducing your exposure to attack. Also, a physical key protruding between your knuckles as you make a closed fist can serve as a solid makeshift weapon in case someone does try to attack you.
  3. Never reveal sensitive information on calls that were placed to you.If you receive a call from your credit card issuer or bank about potential fraud on your account, for example, hang up and call back at the official telephone number printed on the back of the relevant card. Never provide information to someone who called you – that party may not be who he or she claims to be.
  4. Be aware of all the exit routes in your office, the cinema, the mall and all other places you frequent; you may think that nothing can happen to you, but it’s better to be alert and have in mind more than one way out in case of a fire or other danger.
  5. Check for skimmers and hidden cameras. Before making a credit card payment or using an ATM machine, check the device for added-on cameras or “skimming technology.” If a card reader appears to have been tampered with, or something appears strange about an ATM machine, find another machine and notify someone in the store or bank that something may be amiss. 

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