High Security Locks

High Security Locks – Built to resist common attack and bypass methods!

There are many manufacturers offering high security locks, your choice will depend on compatibility with your other hardware or keying systems.

The first noticeable difference in a high security lock versus one that is not will be price, with the high security lock costing considerably more. The good news is that the differences in materials, construction, durability, and security of the high security lock usually more than justifies the higher cost.

Some manufacturers offer systems that allow keying to still work with your other non high security locks, the advantage of this type of system is you could make only your perimeter locks high security and still maintain your current master key system.

Most manufacturers offer separate cylinders and keys that can be added to existing hardware. When going this route, it is important to be sure that your existing hardware is in excellent condition and offers the physical security that is needed.

One of the major advantages of most high security lock systems is that they almost always offer a much greater degree of key control. Some of these key control systems are protected by patents or contracts. The keys and methods of duplication are very tightly controlled, and can only be produced by authorized dealers, distributors or the manufacturer.

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