Gun Safes

Gun Safes – Are designed to keep your guns secure.

Gun safes are being sold in many places, sporting goods stores, gun stores, hardware stores, big box stores of all kinds, and some even by safe dealers or professional locksmiths who sell safes.

Do you really want to trust the expertise of the same guy who answers your plumbing questions when choosing your gun safe?

By dealing with a reputable safe dealer or professional locksmith, who make their living selling safes, you are more likely to end up with a safe that protects your guns for the risks you are trying to protect them against.

Gun safes are available in many shapes and sizes, from small boxes designed to store a hand gun, up to walk-in vaults designed as virtual armories. They also offer many differing degrees of protection, and they protect from different risks. The consumer needs to be aware of these differences, so they can make an intelligent and informed choice.

Many gun safes are sold that do not carry a burglary or fire rating, many of these units look very substantial. If you are looking for a specific type of protection, be very sure that a UL® label is attached.

Some gun safes are rated and UL® labeled for burglary as well as fire protection , however there are many gun safes advertised as burglary and/or fire resistant that do not meet the standards of UL® testing, they are rated by the manufacturer. Some that are rated as burglary resistant could be little more than a locked thin gauge steel box.

Of course anything that locks up a firearm does have some value, just be sure of what you are getting.

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