Key Control – What is the risk?

Key ControlWhat is the risk? – Are you depending on keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate”?


Key control, or more accurately the lack of key control is one of the biggest risks that businesses face.



The myth that keys stamped or embossed with the phrases “Do Not Duplicate ” , “Do Not Copy”, “Duplication Prohibited”, “It Is Unlawful To Duplicate This Key” or other similar wording, is widespread, in reality nothing makes it illegal to copy or duplicate these keys.

Pre-stamped "DO NOT DUPLICATE" Key Blanks

Pre-stamped “DO NOT DUPLICATE” Key Blanks


  • The exception is a U.S. Post Office Box key, which is a felony. Blanks for all of the rest are readily available in the marketplace.

  • Most Professional Locksmiths will not duplicate these keys, unless they obtain written, verified authorization, knowing that the owner is trying to protect his property.

  • Many other key duplicators will simply ignore the warning.

The answer is a patented High Security Key and/or Lock System

Key Control or High Security Lock & Key Systems

  • Most key control systems utilize patented keys and or cylinders, because they are patented, the duplication of keys can only be done by factory authorized professional locksmiths.
  • The key blanks and lock cylinders are made available only to those same factory authorized professional locksmiths.
  • The control can be at the locksmith dealer level, at the distributor level, or at the manufacturer level.
  • All high security key control systems require specific permission to have keys originated or duplicated. this procedure means that the owner will always know who has keys and how many. If an employee leaves and you get the keys back, you can be reasonably assured that no copies of your keys are floating around.

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